Updated Road Closures


Houston County
Closed Until Further Notice
Bruner Pond Rd between CR 75 N and Paul Lamp
Edsel Deese Rd between Jack Bruner7 CR 55 N
Fowler Road between Coot Fowler Rd & Billy Snell Rd
Johnny Ingram Rd between Freddie Whiddon & Ben Ivey
Womack Road between CR 55 S & September Rd
Pineview Road (dirt portion located between Liberty & E. Cook)
Shiver Rd from Geneva Co Line to West Cook Rd OPEN
Turnpike Rd (at Springhill Rd)
Cephus Rollins Rd (dirt portion)
Davis Cherry Rd (entire road)
Decatur Rd OPEN
Kirkland Rd between Womack Rd & September Rd
Melton Rd (paved portion off of CR 95 South)
Strong RD beginning at 1586 Strong Rd

Gordon Boat Landing CLOSED
Omussee Creek Park CLOSED

Dale County
Dale Co. Rd. 1 at Geneva Co. line
Hull St. in Ozark (between Smith Ave and ML King)
Wildwood Loop Road in Daleville

Geneva County
Sandy Creek Rd @ Bridge
Corner Creek Rd (Bridge is destroyed)
Caldwell Rd @ Bridge
Johnny Johnson Rd @ Bridge
Hornsby Rd
Iron Bridge Rd
James Johnson Rd
Highnote Rd
Coach Rd
Scott Rd (N. Main St to Bog Rd)
Starshan Rd
Chipola Rd
Lafollette Rd (1/2 mile South of AL 52)
North Morris St @ Bridge
Sasser Rd @ C.R 49
North Watford Rd
Fern Rd
Mitchell Rd (John Tindell - Coe Rd)
Wolf Pen Rd
Cotton Box Rd
Hundley Rd
Buck Vaughn Rd
C.R. 16 East – (One lane only, just west of C.R. 101)
Phillips Rd (@Pilgrims Rest Rd)

Bay County, FL
Westville Road on the west side of U.S. 231 is closed for about a quarter mile. Traffic is being rerouted to Davenport Rd.
The bridge at Ed Lee Road is closed because of rising water levels at South Bear Creek.

Holmes County, FL
Hwy 177 at Gator Lane
Long Round Bay Rd
Bush Road at the bridge
Valee Rd. bridge under water
Buddy Gilley Rd
New Effort Road from Short Drive to Wilcox Crossing
Bonifay Gritney Road from 177A to Boswell Crossroads
Bonifay Chipley
Tri-County Airport
Robbins Bridge Road at the bridge

Okaloosa County, FL
Old Dorcas at Shoal River
Hwy 393 at Shoal River, Shoal River Relief Bridge and at Pond Creek
Lake Ella Rd at Pond Creek
Okaloosa Lane (Dirt Portion)
Boat Ramp and Entrance road at Ray Lynn Barnes Park on Hwy 90 E.

Walton County, FL
-Crooked Creek/Co Rd 183 Bridge flooded
-Drapper Lake westbound lane underwater and developed large hole in road
-McKinnon Bridge water over road
-Sherwood Road bridge flooded

Water is crossing White Creek Road and WC Currington Road.

River Road is completely underwater, beginning at the first set of guard rails.

Also Steelefield Road leading into Bunker is in extremely rough condition. The ruts and potholes are quite bad in many spots. Flooding did not appear to be an issue at this time.

The landing at Cowford was in good shape as of early this afternoon.

Bay County, FL
Westville Road on the west side of U.S. 231 is closed for about a quarter mile. Traffic is being rerouted to Davenport Rd.

Washington County, FL
Boat Ramp Rd At River in Caryville Non-Passable
Douglas Ferry Road from 5893 Douglas Ferry Road Non-Passable
Old Bonifay Road from 2141 Old Bonifay Rd. to county line Non-Passable
Carr Road from the wooden bridge to county line Non-Passable
Williams Rd. from west side of Hwy. 77 to Cope Road Non-Passable
Sycamore Landing Non-Passable
Chestnut Road Non-Passable
Merry Acres Road Non-Passable
Duncan Community Rd. wooden bridge N. of Sweet Bay Rd. Passable with Caution
Buddy Road @ N. end near Earl Gilbert Rd. Passable with Caution
Greenhead Road Passable with Caution
River Road Passable with Caution
Douglas Ferry Road Passable with Caution
Greenhead Rd. East of Long Lake Ridge Rd. Passable with Caution
Odom Road Passable with Caution
Bahoma Rd. from Hwy. 77 To Cambleton Hwy. Passable with Caution
King Road Non-Passable
Best Nook Road Non-Passable
Choctaw Road from River Road Non-Passable
Armstrong Mill Road Passable with Caution
Porter Pond Road Passable with Caution
Pipkin Road Passable with Caution
Clayton Road @ Holmes Creek Bridge CLOSED Non-Passable
Shakey Joe Road Passable with Caution
Cook Road Passable with Caution
Cooks Mill Rd. from Pipkin Rd. to Douglas Ferry Rd. Passable with Caution
Rolland Road Passable with Caution

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