Revenue Office Still Open For Business

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It's business as normal for Revenue Commissioner Starla Matthews and the rest of the staff at the revenue office.

"We're still located on the 5th floor. We've moved quite a few things out of our office, so it does look a little empty when you come in so that we can be prepared to move but we will be on the 5th floor actually until past the 31st and hopefully thru that first week in January, " says Matthews.

Offices in the Houston County administration building will be making a temporary move to the Mayer Electric Supply building at the end of December.

It's all part of the county's energy saving project.

"The ESCO project is renovating and upgrading many of the pieces of equipment throughout the county, heating and cooling equipment, lighting and so forth. In this particular building the heating cooling units have been in the building more than 30 years. They're on the verge of dying; they're making strange noises now and so this is a really good time for us to do this, " says Bill Dempsey, Houston County Chief Administrative Officer

With property taxes due by December 31st, the revenue office wants to make it as easy as possible for residents to pay; even with the move taking place.

"You'll see other people moving but that doesn't mean that we're not still located on the 5th floor. We plan to stay put while we're collecting taxes. If it is postmarked, that doesn't mean we have to receive it by the 31st, just that it's postmarked, " says Matthews.

Most importantly, Houston County revenue officials say it's critical for everyone to pay their taxes.

"Majority of taxes that we collect stay right here in Houston county. There's a very very small percentage that goes to the state and even with that, a portion of that money that goes to the state comes back thru the school systems, " says Matthews.

The revenue office is open Monday thru Thursday from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m.

They will be closed for their regularly-scheduled holidays on Christmas Eve and Christmas day; also for new years day.

You can also pay your taxes on line at

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