Rest Dogs Help Patients at Denver Hospital

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It can be a lonely existence if you are pregnant and hospitalized on bed rest.

Living away from loved ones can take a toll.

Canine visitation.

At Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center it's been policy for more than 16 years, much to the delight of anxious patients.

Milo the adorable mini dachshund has been missing his human.

Jesi Reskop is pregnant with her fourth child.
She's had complications that are serious enough to dictate bed rest and monitoring.

"Dad to be" Doug stays over one night a week.
He brings the kids from Fort Morgan on the weekends.
And at Presbyterian St. Luke’s medical center the Roskop dogs can visit, too.

Milo is mellow.

He's quick to settle in on Jesi's bed.

Doctors say the dog days are good for worried patients.

And Jesi thinks the visit is also good for Milo.

They're just like anybody else more time away from them makes them sad, too.

Milo accompanies the family to an ultrasound.
He walks the halls like a regular.
Having a hound in the hospital brightens everybody's day.

There are rules about bringing your pups to the hospital.
Among them, you have to get permission.
You have to have a vet check and appropriate vaccinations.
The animal needs to be bathed 24 hours prior to the visit.
And you need to clean up any messes.

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