Response From District 2 Investigation

Dothan District 2 Commissioner Amos Newsome officially responds to allegations of voter fraud.

Newsome's attorney filed documents in Houston County Circuit Court yesterday.

He's asking Judge Butch Binford to dismiss the challenge brought by District 2 Challenger, Lamesa Danzey.

Newsome defeated Danzey in the August 6th election by 14 votes.

Danzey filed the statement of contest on August 19th.

She claims she unfairly lost the race to Newsome.

In his court filing, Newsome says the contestment should be dismissed because he denies the allegations against him.

He also "demands" proof of the accusations.

Newsome also accuses Danzey of voter fraud and claims she was "ineligible" to file the contestment.

Judge Binford is expected to rule on October 21st.

We'll have more from his filing on WRGX at 5:30 and News 4 at 6.