Residents of Grimes No Longer Underwater

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A lot has changed for Sharon Gustat in two weeks.

She was trapped in her home for weeks because of flood waters.

"We haven't been able to get any help whatsoever from any source no county help no federal help no help," said Mayor of Grimes, Billie Jo Dasinger. "One of our farmers brought his irragation pump over and we hooked it up to rubber top hoes that has a lot of holes in them which moves the water so they got that done, now the most of the water has been pumped out."

Sharon was confined to her house for weeks. But now things have changed.

"Now if I'm careful I can make my way to the car, I can go back and forth and not feel like I'm trapped," said homeowner Sharon Gustat.

Sharon and Mayor Dasinger hope the pump system will continue to keep the water at bay.

The water issue was the main topic discussed at last week's Grimes town hall meeting.

Sharon credits that meeting with fixing the situation.

A Wiregrass town is no longer underwater thanks to some water diversion equipment.

Earlier this month WTVY went to the town of Grimes, where area residents were underwater.

Today, the town is dry thanks to new pumps and hoses.

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