Residents React to District Two Challenge

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You can ask anyone in District Two about the election and they are going to have an opinion.

Former District Two commissioner candidate Lamesa Danzey stated in her challenge that offers of bribe, bribery, intimidation and misconduct led to Amos Newsome's victory.

But some resident's don't believe he was involved in that, even though voters have come forward saying they were taken advantage of by people from Newsome's camp.

Some accuse the team of voter fraud through absentee ballots.

The statement of contest mentions Newsome was not eligible to hold office, implying he does not live in District Two.

Some residents think this issue should not be talked about anymore because there are bigger problems in Dothan.

"Well I feel like some of the issues we blown out of proportions to s certain extent but if they do a proper investigation making sure every thing is rectified the situation i feel like the local governments can go to a good resolution," said Dothan resident Julius Culver.

"Well I can't say if one is right or one is wrong but what we need to do is get it all settled and get it off of TV and let the people go back to working for the city of Dothan because we have other things to worry about and other things to do," another Dothan resident.

As you can tell residents are just hoping District Two can come to a peaceful agreement.

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