Residents Get First Look at Second Phase of Ross Clark Circle Expansion

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The Alabama department of Transportation invited residents out to the Westgate Park Recreation Center on Tuesday, June 17, to show them some improvements they plan on making to Ross Clark Circle.

The department is planning to begin their second phase of construction to the circle in the next few years. The project is modeled off of the first phase which was made to 231 North and Brannon Stand Road.

“We are doing basically the same thing, it has proved to be a very good project up there it has made a tremendous impact at the congestion problem there and it will even get better when this one is implemented because it will create a smoother flow on this end of this project,” explained Joseph Griffin, of the Alabama Department of Transportation. “It’s turned out to be a really affective tactic.

Construction will take about two to three years to complete, but officials say it is worth the wait. If construction is not done on the circle soon, within 20 years drivers will be forced to drive at 5 miles-per-hour because of all the congestion.

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