Residents Frustrated over Sewer Manhole Release

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DOTHAN, AL--Eddie Bishop can't help but stare every time he walks out his front door.

"i think it's bad that we have to live like this."

A sewer manhole outside his home on Cornell Ave has been overflowing for three days.

"I have to drive through it, it gets on my property, it gets on other people's property and the smell, it smells real bad," said Bishop.

Bishop says he's called the city several times complaining about the issue.
He along with other neighbors say they're worried about kids in the area.

"The bus stops right in front of my house and kids from the surrounding area come down to catch the bus and they were outside playing in the sewer water this morning," added Bishop.

"I adore children and I would just hate to see any of them get sick from the situation," said Rock Creek Resident Shawn Limpert.

Bishop says someone from Dothan Utilities came by Monday and put a sign by the overflow warning of a public health hazard.

"I don't think the city officials give it enough precedent especially when it's raw sewer that's coming out," explained Bishop.

Shawn Limpert lives in Rock Creek Apartments, she says she has to walk pass the spill to get home and she's concerned about her health.

"Within 24 hours i was very sick with a fever, nausea, vomiting," said Limpert.

Limpert says she went to the hospital but they couldn't identify the problem or cause for her sickness.

Bishop says he wants the issue resolved as soon as possible.

The Water Operations Superintendent at Dothan Utilities released a statement.

"Due to flooding in areas throughout the city and county over the last several days, areas of the City’s WCTS has been surcharged from the flood resulting in releases at manholes located in the lowest lying areas of the City. Dothan Utilities has been continuously monitoring these locations and working diligently to clean up these areas as the flood waters subside. The city’s three wastewater treatment facilities have observed peak influent flow conditions but continue to keep pace with the flows received."

The water from the sewer is draining into a creek behind Rock Creek Apartments.

Apartment managers have roped off the area.

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