Required Fitness For Dothan's Finest

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Being an officer can be a very demanding job. Even running can become apart of the routine. Dothan officers are actually required to meet certain expectations .

The Dothan Police Department is one of only two municipalities in the state of Alabama that has a mandatory fitness program.

"it is important for a police officer to stay in shape to be able to deal with the public and the bad guys"

Chief Benton says its important for all officers to make staying in shape a priority.

"Its incumbent upon us as officers to stay in shape, no matter what rank you are, from chief down to officer, to be able to protect ourselves "

Cardio exercises are at the top of the list, followed by weight training.

"Cardio is very important, we need officers with strong hearts, we don't want them to have a heart attack on the job, having decreased fat content for their body also lends to having good cardio and keeping your heart in shape," said Benton.

Cardio exercises keep your heart and respitory system in good and working condition. This means officers are less likely to be out of breath and more like to catch the bad guy.

"It can go from a sitting position riding around in a police car, even behind the desk to all of a sudden, a lot of chaos, sometimes physical chaos where your running, " said Sergeant Rice of the Dothan Police Department.

Staying healthy plays a big part in the departments decision for a fitness requirement.

Officers are able to use the workout facilities at the station and Chief Benton says they are excited about the new equipment they will be getting in fairly soon.

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