Report Shows Alabama High School Graduates Have High Remediation Rates

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Out of the 23,000 graduates who enrolled in Alabama colleges or universities, 33% tested into remedial math or English classes.

"There's more than just the academic curriculum that has to be addressed. It may just be the number of things that are involved in high school, it may be the students aren't applying themselves as well in the high school setting," Troy University Dothan Campus’ Dean of Students, Bob Willis said.

Remedial college courses are high school level classes, designed to help students catch up.

Although they still pay for the remedial classes, they don't get college credit.

"We know from experience the longer they spend in courses they don't get college credit for, the more likely we are to lose them and without them actually ever being a college student," David Cobb, with Wallace Community College said.

In the Wiregrass, Wallace Community College and Troy University's Dothan campus are doing what they can to help students get on track.

"The conversation that's being held around the country, one tangent of that conversation is not just - how do we help the students succeed, but how to we help them succeed at a quicker pace," Cobb said.

Both colleges have online remediation courses to speed up the process.

"Our goal is to get them to actually being a college student as quick as we can and to find that niche for them to be successful," Cobb said.

Troy's Dothan campus has a writing center in the works, to help students reach another goal.

All of the high schools in Houston County have remediation rates over 35%.