Rep. Roby to Vote on Syria Military Action Next Week

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2nd District congresswoman Martha Roby answered questions from the public Thursday afternoon at a town hall meeting in Enterprise. Cutt's Restaurant was the last stop in Roby's "Martha Listens" tour.

There was discussion about government spending, Obamacare, and immigration reform, but the centerpiece of the conversation was a potential military response to alleged chemical weapons in Syria.

Senate may have approved the use of force in Syria, but the Obama administration is still a long way from having overall congressional approval to take military action.

Representative Martha Roby says it is not an easy choice.

"The most solemn decision a member of congress could ever make is to send our men and women in uniform into harm's way, in particular, at a time like this when we have cut our military so much through sequestration," Representative Roby says.

She says having a viable strategy is essential, even in a limited invasion.

"This is not a game of checkers, this has to be a game of chess," says Roby. "The impact of this goes far beyond Syria."

For Fort Rucker families, it could mean saying difficult goodbyes. Unless she's convinced there is an effective plan in place, Representative Roby will say no to a military strike.

"The President, in my opinion, needs to sell this to the American people through a very clearly defined objective and an endgame and a what next," Roby explains.

What's next for Roby is a flight back to Washington. She'll undergo briefings on the situation and cast her vote in the house by the end of next week.

Representative Roby is one of 280 representatives in the House who remain undecided. Obama needs at least 217 votes in the House to get congressional approval for military action against Syria.

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