Rep. Roby to Give Weekly Republican Address

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WASHINGTON, D.C – U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R-AL) has been tapped to give the Weekly Republican Address, in which she will discuss the looming “sequester” military cuts and call on President Obama and the Senate to join House efforts to replace the sequester with more reasonable spending reductions.

Rep. Roby’s comments will broadcast nationally over the weekend.

This is the second time Rep. Roby has delivered the Weekly Republican Address, which features a different Representative or Senator each week to outline the Republican vision on topical issues. This week, in response to the State of the Union address in which President Obama admitted the sequester cuts were a “bad idea,” Rep. Roby will invite the President to work with House Republicans to find an alternative.

“Threatening these devastating sequester military cuts was President Obama’s idea in the first place,” Rep Roby said. “That matters – not because of who should get the blame – but because of who should be leading the effort to solve this problem. I appreciate the opportunity to speak on behalf of my fellow House and Senate Republicans and convey to the American People our plan to replace the President’s sequester with smarter, more responsible spending cuts.”

Rep. Roby, chair of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, voted against the August 2011 Budget Control Act that threatened the sequestration military cut and has repeatedly spoken out about the potential harm the cuts pose to military readiness and national security. Rep. Roby believes there is a smarter way to cut spending than slashing the military budget.

In the address, Rep. Roby will mention Fort Rucker, Alabama, as an example of how the sequester will harm military readiness.

The address will first debut online Saturday morning at, then be aired nationally Sunday by NBC stations on an affiliate basis. Check local listings for details.

Constituents may also view Rep. Roby’s address on her website, and her Facebook page,

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