Rep. Martha Roby Statement on Tax Deal Vote

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R-AL) released the following statement after voting against a last-minute tax deal crafted by the Senate and Vice President Joe Biden:

“For months I have been hopeful Congress could agree on a reasonable plan to reduce the deficit and finally begin to address our national debt. I have repeatedly stressed that a truly balanced plan must include cuts to mandatory government spending. Unfortunately, the deal forged by the Senate and the Vice President does not contain real spending cuts, and I cannot support it.

“I ran for Congress campaigning on the need to get government spending under control. A last-minute deal that raises taxes without cutting spending goes against my core beliefs and against the conservative values of Alabama’s Second Congressional District. Alabamians didn’t send me to Washington to raise their taxes so the President can spend more of their hard-earned dollars. They sent me to get control of spending so we can ensure America’s promise for the next generation.

“Washington doesn’t have a taxing problem; it has a spending problem. We have $16 trillion in debt. We spend more than a trillion dollars more than we take in every year. It’s past time we get serious about this country’s spending problem and restore fiscal sanity to the budget.”

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