Remembering The Victims in Wicksburg Shooting

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One organization is remembering the victims and helping their families cope.

Losing a loved one is a difficult time for any one but it helps to celebrate their life in a positive way.

Several local Wiregrass families are doing just that.

"Your never prepared to bury your child and there's nothing that you can do to prepare yourself for that, " says the father of victim Cameron Eubanks, Paul Eubanks.

As tears flowed and hugs were shared, families were there to comfort each other on this day of observance for their loved ones.

"Today's very important. The memory of all three of the people that died as well as the other gentleman that was shot, to let them know that we're still or law enforcement is still working on the case, the case is still moving forward and one day down the road justice will be served," says Eubanks.

Back in August of 2012, a fatal nightclub shooting in Wicksburg left Tiffany Grissett, Thomas "Rocky" Robins Jr. and Cameron Eubanks fatally wounded.
But today was not about their deaths, it was about celebrating their lives.

"Rocky and I grew up together he was two years younger than me so we were very close. Neither one of us is originally from Dothan but we ended up both moving here over thirty years ago and he lived within a couple of blocks of me, " says Thomas Robins cousin, Robin Rainer.

"When ever I was little she would always have me all kinds of sweets and she would take me everywhere i wanted to go and you know she was very very sweet and i loved her very much," says Robert Griswold, Tiffani Grissett's nephew.

23-year-old Ryan Clark Petersen has been charged with the murders and now awaits trial.

"We have a hearing September the 13th at 8:30 in the morning in front of the honorable circuit judge Brad Mendheim, what we call a status on the case," says District Attorney Doug Valeska.

Families say certain qualities, they can never forget.

"Her smile, " says Griswold.

"Frequent talks," says Rainer.

"Everything. As much as kids get on your nerves...As much as you miss them, " says Eubanks.

District Attorney Doug Valeska says he anticipates a trial date to be set at the hearing in September.

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