Remembering Robin Williams

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"He made people forget about their worries, even if for just a few minutes and just laugh."

"First day as a woman and I'm getting hot flashes"

"He was full of humor and making life fun."

"Ehh.. Iran.. Iraq...."

"From Mork and Mindy to Dead Peopts Society, it shows the range of this guy.. He's funny. He makes us laugh, but he also had a serious side. He was a professional and just a joy to watch."

"Strange custom"
Slaps himself...

"He played Mrs. Doubtfire"

"He was really funny."

"He was entertaining because he never quit being a kid.. He exuded that youthful exterior in everything that he did."

Clip from Aladin, where the genie, voiced by Robin Williams, sings to Aladin.

"He showed his deep love for children and I think that carried over in to his actual life as well."

"You can hear the air go in and out.."
"Sometimes you can even see it, like this."
Blows confetti.

"He showed great characteristics I believe."
"He made the moral of the troops get higher just by his funny antics and songs that he played."

"I'm not going to forget that.. I've never had an entire audience go FORGET YOU..."

"Run for your life the emotions are coming"

"That's what I grew up watching.."
"That was in my generation when that came along and it was huge.. He was big."

"I cant help it you understand..."

"He did so many wonderful things and brought so much joy and happiness to everyone around the world.. "

Genie laughs at Aladin...

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