Remembering Holly and Jacob

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A mother and son taken too soon.The family had to stand together to even talk about it.

"As a family, we are very appreciative to have all the support from the local community, the support from the school, family and friends," says Jacob's uncle David Hughes.

A school, family and friends who gathered Monday in remembrance of the mother and son.

Jacob Armstrong and his mother Holly White died in a single-car wreck on June 9th.

"We just wanted to do something that would honor him and his mom," says Principal of Ashford Elementary, Mitchell Sellers.

Ashford Elementary released green and white balloons for Jacob and Holly, green being Jacob's favorite color.

"You know he was just a very kind and loving child. He got along good with his teachers and all his classmates and you know he's one of those children that just made being at school enjoyable," says Sellers.

"All that comes from her, that's a compliment to her as to what she was like because he had to get all this training from her at home."

Instead of having flowers sent, the family told everyone to send the money they would spend on flowers to Ashford Elementary's library; due to Jacob's love for reading.

"We would like to thank everyone who gave money for books for the library and our appreciation to the school for the celebration this morning and the releasing of the balloons in their memory, " says Hughes.

"We like to think that we are a community school and when something affects the community, it affects our school environment too," says Sellers.

The family is planning to have a special reading corner built, with a bench outside of the school library and name it Jacob's Corner.

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