Rehobeth High School Students Raise Money For A Cause

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The student council started the program last year; they nominate ten guys for homecoming and pick a cause to give to.

This year they chose Momma Tina's Soup Kitchen.

The guys have a week to raise money and the nominee who raised the most money was crowned king.

They raised a total of $1700.00.

"I had been to Momma Tina's a couple of times to serve there so I kind of know how it works there, the way they serve people and I just knew that they could use any money possible to afford more food, be able to feed more people and be able to help the community more, " says Hunter Brannon, homecoming king at Rehobeth High School.

"It let's me know they know God, and they are well taught about God and about what giving means and that's what makes me so proud of them, I know that they'll be blessed, " says Momma Tina.

The students will be going to volunteer their time at Momma Tina's Soup Kitchen on October 21st.

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