Registered Domestic Violence Offenders?

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NEW YORK (AP) - Three New York legislators want the state to
register domestic violence offenders just as sex crime offenders
are publicly listed.

State Sen. Eric Adams, Assemblywoman Vanessa Gibson and
Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries announced the proposed law today. It
would require anyone convicted of domestic violence to be listed in
a Domestic Violence Offender Database.

Police say 23-year-old Sarah Coit was fatally stabbed and nearly
decapitated last week during a domestic dispute with her boyfriend
in their Lower East Side apartment. Authorities say the suspect in
Coit's death, Raul Barrera, has been linked to several violent
incidents in the past. He pleaded guilty to smashing a man in the
face with a bottle last year.

Barrera is charged with second-degree murder in his girlfriend's
death after turning himself in to police.

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