Regions Bank ATM Theft

Dothan Police received an alarm from Regions Bank, on Reeves and Ross Clark Circle, around 4:30 this morning. Four suspects tried stealing its ATM located outside the bank using a forklift truck.

According to police, once they picked up the ATM, it somehow rolled off the forklift. When police arrived on scene, only the vehicle and damaged ATM were there.

Authorities are not sure what spooked the suspects into running off and they do not know whether the alarm was silent or not. Police surrounded the area and did find the suspects when they pulled over a white van.

"Two people jumped out of the vehicle, two remained in the vehicle and were taken into custody for the theft that occurred at Regions Bank,” said Lieutenant Baxley.

About an hour later, police located a third suspect who was also taken into custody. The fourth suspect is still at large and police urge anyone with information to call Crimestoppers or Dothan Police Department. Fortunately, no money was stolen and authorities removed the ATM.

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