Redmond’s Restaurant Re-Opens After 20 Years

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If you are craving something to eat in Headland, you are in luck.

“Seafood, grilled chicken, buffalo chicken and our buffalo strips, so we don’t just do cupcakes we do lunches”

It's a menu that can feed your appetite and the economy.

After being closed more than 20 years Redmond’s Restaurant is making a return to the area, and customers are happy about it.

"A lot of people are thrilled that we are up here because they don’t have much seafood choices in headland and we used to be across the street years ago for a short period of time and a lot of people from Dothan are coming up here now and are very happy they have the availability of the seafood that we had before."

Empty buildings in Headland caught the eye of potential business owners.

“We saw the building we love the old buildings on the square it was available and we just saw our restaurant there and a lot of new customers come in every week so it has been really good so we have really enjoyed it here.”

And business owners are getting creative in finding the perfect niche that Headland needs.

“I don’t think there are many other places around because you can kind have a sweet thing but you can also kind have a healthier lunch.”

Even though the restaurants may be new in the area, customers are already lining up.

“It started slow but its picking up gradually.”

“It has been steady we see decreases naturally during the holidays then it picks back up.”

“January has been pretty slow but other than that we have been good.”

City officials say over recent months it is nice to see more businesses coming to Headland.

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