Redevelopment Plan One Step Closer to Fruition

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(Dothan, AL)--The Dothan Downtown Redevelopment Authority is one step closer to demolishing the Saints Apartment Building.

DDRA Director Jansen Tidmore says two tenants remain and should be out by April 12th. However, the building underwent external asbestos abatement on Tuesday.

"We made sure this process was safe and wouldn't affect any tenants living inside the building, " Tidmore said.

While the DDRA has had approval so far, a final plan will have to meet city specifications and be agreed upon by the DDRA before construction can begin.

"Our plans to build an additional parking lot were about by Houston County Commission on Monday, " DDRA Director Jansen Tidmore said. "However, we still have to go through the Historic Preservation Commission and agree on a final plan," he said.

Tidmore is expected to meet with the HPC in May because the asbestos removal was done without their approval. Tidmore says the mistake was an oversight and hopes to resolve the problem.

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