Red Cross in Dothan Sends Volunteers to New Jersey

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Even though we are more than 15 hours away from New Jersey, Red Cross crews are continuing to travel up north to help out in any way they can.
Whether that means passing out water, or words of encouragement.

Chad porter has been a volunteer with the Red Cross for eleven years.
He's seen the position Mother Nature can put people in, and has decided to go and help out.

“It makes me feel good. I guess I’m addicted to it for the most part, I like making people happy.” Red Cross Volunteer Chad Porter said.

Friday he will travel to New Jersey to meet with other volunteers from Dothan, and provide assistance to those devastated by disaster.

“Everybody had lost power, I had lost power for almost ten days I just got it back yesterday.” New Jersey Resident Daniel Ciancioso said.

New Jersey resident Daniel Ciancioso says it’s been tough after sandy, and the Nor’easter isn't making things easier.

“I would say it was the icing on the cake in terms of everyone was just getting over the storm and now having to prepare for something totally different. This was my first experience with a Nor’easter first time I’ve seen snow, very fortunate we didn’t lose power again.” Ciancioso said.

This powerful snow storm is bringing even more people out of their homes and into shelters.

“You could be the best thing that happened to someone on their worst day.” Porter said.

Ciancioso says its volunteers like Porter who are important to the community.

“There were many people that lost their homes in the hurricane and they needed a place to stay, they needed shelter.” Ciancioso said.

“Close to 95 percent are unpaid volunteers. When we go up there it’s on our dime, although the Red Cross takes care of all of our expenses and a place to stay. Which may be a cot in the corner, but it’s not about us it’s about the people we are helping.” Porter said.

And although it will be a far treck from Dothan, porter says the trip will be worth it, as long as he can help make a difference in someone's life.

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