Recent Temperatures Cause Grass Fires to Spread Through Wiregrass

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High Winds and a lack of humidity have created a dangerous situation in the Wiregrass.

In the last week, almost 30 grass fires have ripped through area counties. A grass fire even started on the property of the Alabama Forestry Commission Offices in Houston County.

Officials are saying that the lack of rain and low humidity is a dangerous combination. It’s what makes it possible for these fires to break out.

“We are having a lot of fires now and a lot of them are human error,” explained Tracy Lawrence of the Alabama Forestry Commission in Houston County. “You get a little bit of sunshine and people get antsy and cabin fever and they want to get outside and work around the house and things like that is they might be trying to burn a bit of debris and then you get a little wind and it gets away from them.”

If you need to burn debris around your home, Lawrence suggests doing it in the evening or on the days that aren’t very windy.

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