Raunchy Teddy Bears, Extinct Animals, and Agents New and Old Highlight This Week’s Home Video Releases

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Every Tuesday, movies and television shows hit shelves across North America. Here’s a look at some of the major releases of the week of December 11th, 2012.

Ted (Universal Studios) – Seth McFarlane may have gotten his start writing for more innocent fare such as Dexter’s Laboratory and Johnny Bravo, but his staple is adult-oriented animation. This mix of animation of live-action focuses on a boy and his teddy bear who grow up together. It will see an unrated release.

The Bourne Legacy (Universal Studios) – This sequel doesn’t feature Matt Damon of the previous films, and instead stars a new protagonist played by Jeremy Renner. This PG-13 action/thriller follows up on those previous Bourne films, however.

Ice Age: Continental Drift (20th Century Fox) – The latest sequel to the enduring computer-animated family film series hits Blu-Ray and DVD. The latest adventure involving the ragtag group of prehistoric animals will also be available in a 3D Blu-Ray. The movie is rated PG.

Mission Impossible: The Complete Television Collection Giftset (Paramount Home Video) – With 206 episodes spread across 56 discs, this collection gives hardcore fans of the popular 60s and 70s spy series the entire series in one set, along with a host of collectible extras.

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