Rain Slows City Outdoor Operations

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Constant rain has put a "liquid speed bump" on outdoor city operations.

"We continue to do what we can in the rain but the materials you use in the rain, you can't get concrete wet it destroys it and asphalt it can't go down properly," said Dothan Assistant Public Works Director Charles Metzger.

After waiting days to begin one of the city's biggest road projects on Barrington Road, clear skies finally gave crews time to lay some ground work.

"We have a 2.5 million dollar city wide resurfacing project we're trying to get started on and obviously with the rain you can't put your asphalt down," Metzger said.

Crews hope once the tar and rocks settle, they'll be able to lay the concrete.

"It is frustrating trying to complete projects and then having headaches of dealing with the constant complaints of flooding and other things," Metzger explained.

Another project that hit a speed bump is the Foster Street project.

"That was slowed tremendously with markings in the road trying to finish the asphalt work we're still trying to do some concrete curbing and sidewalk work," said Metzger.

Grass is another hurdle.

"The grass is growing like crazy but as far as being able to get out and maintain our right away and stay up with that it's tough," Metzger said.

Officials say they need clear skies and dry roads to get the ball rolling.

Metzger says a ditch improvement project on Wilson Street is also at a stand-still.

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