Rain Potential Problem for Farmers

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DOTHAN, AL---It's pack up and go time for Tami Woodham and her produce.

"Somebody turn the faucet off," laughed Woodham with Ken Gibbs Farm..

What was supposed to be a day at the Houston County Farm Center farmers market ended quickly because of the rain.

Woodham says she's worried about her crops.

"It's going to tear everything up, if the rain stays the way it is, the watermelons, the cantaloupes, the tomatoes all of that is just going to bust."

Woodham says getting rain isn't the problem, "Of course they're like anything else they need some rain, but this amount of rain is just going to bust them open."

She says unlike peas...most produce can't limit it's intake.

"They don't know when to quit drinking water so they're going to keep drinking it until they just explode."

Woodham says the daily constant rain may cause some farmers to take a hit.

"It's not going to be that good, it's going to put a big hole in farmer's pockets."

A hole no farmer wants to see.

Tami also said the rain sometimes makes it hard for farmers to get in the field and harvest.
So it looks like it will become a wait and see game for many crops in the area.

Farmers say the heat also poses a risk for the crops but they have a better chance at saving them through irrigation.

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