Rain Impacting Prices at the Grocery Store?

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For Store Director Jason Broxton, clouds in the sky can mean more than a wet floor at Winn Dixie.

Broxton said, “Prices fluctuate based on availability. Supply and demand is really the factor in pricing with the rain and the weather.”

And the rain hasn't been in short supply.

Cotton Agronomist William Birdsong said, “We've set historical rain fall records for the month of February since 1950 in Headland. Our record was 9.75 and that was in 1974. We're at 16 inches now.”

But Birdsong says he's looking down the road and isn't worried about the aisles of the grocery store yet.

Birdsong said, “Granted, if this leads to ‘we're getting most of our rain now’ vs. in the growing season, which is typically during April through September for the crops like peanuts and cotton and soy beans, certainly that could impact the consumer.”

Impacts Broxton says he's seen before.

Broxton said, “You do occasionally, especially when it's certain items. Watermelons especially, quality can be affected.”

He hopes it won't make shopping more expensive, for more than one reason.

Broxton said, “When the prices go down, it's good for everybody. We're able to sell products cheaper and pass those products on to the consumers cheaper. When prices go up, it really hurts everybody.”

Prices he and farmers hope the rain won't bring in.

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