Rain Does Good For Farmers Crops

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Right now, things are looking up for farmers and their crops.

It looks like the rain is exactly what crops needed.
"Right now i think our crops are in excellent condition. I think everything looks good right now to be the middle or the latter part of June, " says farmer Ned Sconyers.

"We had very dry conditions towards the end of may and the farmers had stopped planting because of that and now that we've had rain they've been trying to get back into the fields. Its been a little bit wet but we've got sunshine today and the farmers are out there moving and it is good," says William Birdsong, Extension Agronomist.

With all the rain that's been coming our way, it looks like the crops here in the Wiregrass are doing just fine.

"The people that's got dry land corn is real happy, cotton is growing good, peanuts look excellent, " says Sconyers.

"If we don't get rain spread out every so often and its been said that we are about ten days away from a drought here in south Alabama because our soil does not have the moisture capability to hold the moisture much long than that and so were praying for rain, " says Birdsong.

Prayers that so far according to farmers have been answered.

Birdsong says farmers do not need to be concerned about too much rain because right now we are not experiencing a surplus of rain.

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