Pugh Family Looks for Answers in Son's Murder

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The arrest of 41-year-old Wille James Dickerson's arrest is slowly bringing some closure for the Pugh family.

As News 4's Demetria McClenton tells us officers are getting closer to knowing the reason why Pugh was killed.

Some people sing, others visit a psychologist, for Betty Pugh cleaning is her therapy.

“Some mornings I wake up crying and some nights I lay crying, but I start praying and it eases off,” said Pugh.

Pugh is now opening up about the killing of her oldest son 26-year-old Willie Pugh, affectionately known as David.

“He smiled so bright it wouldn't, you couldn't get it on your camera,” said Pugh.

She's relying on that memory to get her through a murder trial for Dickerson of Ariton.

He's accused in her son's murder.

“We believe our evidence is going to show he is the one responsible for the homicide,” said Barbour County Sheriff LeRoy Upshaw.

Yet, Pugh has a forgiving heart.

“ I don't have anything against any of them,” said Pugh.

David's car still sits in Pugh's drvieway.

His mother says when David's 4-kids come over to visit.

Seeing his car makes them wonder when daddy's coming home.

“They say he's not coming back is he? I say no, he won't come back and see you this way, but he'll be with you in spirit,” said Pugh.

The Pugh family relies on the Wiregrass Angel House, support from community and their church members.

“I hope no one ever has to hurt like I hurt,” said Pugh.

Sheriff Upshaw has not ruled out accomplices in the Pugh murder.

His office's investigation continues.

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