Public Meeting on Hydrilla Issue Leaves Residents Seeing Green

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Residents near Lake Seminole are seeing green in more ways than one.

A public meeting was held at the Seminole State Park's Group Shelter on Wednesday, July 24 to discuss the issue of Hydrilla, an aquatic weed, taking over the lake.

WTVY’s Jessica Leicht attended the meeting and reported that money is the only remedy for the problem. The Army Corp of Engineers will need to spray the area in order to get rid of the weed, however, spraying costs money that is not currently available.

At the meeting, homeowners were told to contact their Congressman and Senators to express their concerns - hoping that money from the government can be made available.

A full report on this morning’s Hydrilla meeting will be broadcast on WTVY News 4 at 6 p.m.

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