Protest at Dothan City Commission

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One Wiregrass resident voiced his concern about a commissioner keeping his seat despite voter fraud controversy.

Jemmie Watford held up a sign during the Pledge of Allegiance in Tuesday's Dothan City Commission meeting.

It was fast but it was a gesture to show residents are not happy District Two Commissioner Amos Newsome still has his seat.

The sign read "Newsome dishonorable District Two Seat Stolen" the other side read "Shame."

"He is just as guilty as they are and he doesn't deserve the seat he shouldn't reap the benefits of some felonies people have potentially committed," said Jemmie Watford, concerned citizen.

This protest comes after three women were arrested for creating false ballots and filling them out. This is in regards to the outcome of the Dothan City election on August 6th, 2013.

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