The Cost of Security

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The three people charged with criminal mischief in Taylor and Rehobeth face additional charges in Dothan, but the damage has already been done.

Authorities say it will cost thousands of dollars to clean off and paint over the spray paint left on area churches, businesses and parks. A security system is the best way to protect your home, but they can be costly. Outdoor sensor lights are one way to protect your property against vandals without breaking the bank.

“Those things that go on when a motion issue goes on or a breaking issue goes on that's one of the deterrents that either keeps them away or makes them run away if they broken that plane,” explained Capt. Antonio Gonzales of the Houston County Sheriff’s Department. “So it's the same thing with any business property as well, keep them well lit.”

Many area stores sell motion and security lighting system which can cost between $12 and $120 dollars.

“We have a large selection of security lights most of them need to be wired in directly but we do have a few options that makes it quite easy for a customer to retro fit their house if they don't have the ability to wire in a light,” says Lowes Pro Sales employee Brian McCraney.

If you do decide to outfit your home with motion sensor lights, experts suggest purchasing LED lights since they do not use as much energy and are more cost effective.

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