Proposed New Community Causes Concern

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It would build 98-units as close as 5-feet to some of their backyards.

"I feel like we just got slapped in the face, "

That's the feeling shared by Gary Roney and his neighbors.

A proposed development of 98 unit rental cottages, known as Arbor Park, has residents on edge; especially since they say they've been out of the loop since the beginning.

"I was driving down the road and for some reason I decided to take a different path and I saw the zoning signs for a meeting the next day and I said I guess I have to figure out what's going on here, " said Roney.

Roney says he soon found out from neighbors about the plan for the development.

Developer Jonathan Meyers says it'll add to the area and give a new feel to the word apartment.

"It's a multifamily apartment home project, however instead of being in a large apartment building with neighbors above, beside and below you, they are single detached cottages on a ground level, " said Meyers.

Regardless of the pet park, club house, pool and other amenities that will come with Arbor Park, residents say they have some major concerns.

"They opted not to put an entrance in their design on Denton road, put it all off on Adrian, which is going to flood that area with between 100 and 150 cars on a daily basis where now there are probably 15, 20 that travel up and down that road everyday, " said Roney.

"Right now Denton road has a lot of roads that dump into it and the thought process initially in speaking with the city in planning and zoning was try not to add another one. A recent study done by the city shows that even with the new traffic, the roads will still be under capacity, " said Meyers.

Residents have a few suggestions that may make the situation better.

"Make the homes larger, make them where they are not rented, make them owner occupied, another entrance on Denton road and also a lot less units. 100 units in that little small area is way too many, " said Roney.

Neighbors have already gathered 100 signatures on a petition against the development.

The development did have to make modifications to their original plan and will have to go back in front of the Planning Commission next month for final approval.

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