Proposed Property Tax Provides New School By Taking Less Out of Community's Pockets

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BONIFAY, FL -- With the Bonifay middle schools and elementary schools needing some serious repairs, a new school seems like the perfect fix.

By adding a 1.5 mill tax, or property tax, over the course of three years to what tax payers in Holmes County are already paying, the district will have enough to participate in the state's Special Facilities Program.

In this program, the school district just needs to raise enough to show that it gave a local effort, the state provides the rest.

In this case, the county must raise three percent, or 1.8 million dollars, of the new school's total $40 million cost.

Officials are confident this is the right choice for its community.

"We were going to have to levy the millage rate regardless of which way we went, and we felt like it was a better investment to build the two new schools," School Board Chairman Rusty Williams said.

The new school will house pre-K through 8th grade.
While the elementary school and middle school will be separate schools, they will share one campus.

Officials said it would cost more money to fix the roof on one of the buildings than it would to build a new school through the Special Facilities Program.