Probate Judge Requests $1 Tag Renewal Fee Increase

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"I think it's reasonable we take or you take the step of approving a one dollar fee increase," said Dvenport.

Judge Davenport says collecting an extra dollar for tag and license renewals will help his department better serve the public.

"We believe that the dollar would be able to do that at this point."

In previous years a $3 fee was implemented but later dropped.
Commissioners say not requesting that $3 increase again shows understanding.

"I appreciate him thinking about our citizens. There are a lot of people struggling we're talking about a dollar, to many is not a lot of money but to some it is," said Maerk Culver.

Judge Davenport says if approved the dollar increase may pinch pockets just a little but your experience at the tag office will be better.

"Ultimately we need additional employees to be able to serve as effectively as possible."

Judge Davenport says the fee increase will provide a payroll for three more full-time employees at the tag office.

"We can only serve the public as quickly as the number of employees that we have."

The money will also allow the department to open additional tag offices across the county.

If commissioners approve the increase Monday, it will go to the state legislature and then Alabama Governor Robert Bentley for final approval.

Residents could see the dollar increase as early as next month.

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