President Urges Americans to Remember Sacrifice of Military Members

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ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) -- President Barack Obama is calling on Americans to remember and honor the sacrifices of the country's fighting men and women.

And he says we should "never forget that the nation is still at war," even though the U.S. combat role in Iraq has ended and the country's involvement in Afghanistan is winding down.

In a speech at Arlington National Cemetery, the president said he worries that the country's servicemen and women aren't being fully appreciated in an era in which "most Americans are not directly touched by war." He says that's a concern shared by military families he's spoken to.

Obama says it might have to do with the all-volunteer military force and advanced technology that now permits the United States to accomplish some military missions with far fewer personnel.

Before leaving the cemetery, the president and first lady walked among the graves of the war dead from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Earlier in the morning, they hosted a breakfast at the White House with families of service members who have been killed.

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