President Obama Continues Push for Strike Against Syria

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Syrian President Bashar Assad says the Obama administration cannot prove his military used chemical weapons on civilians.

"How can you talk about what happened if you don't have evidence? We are not like the American Administration; we are not social media Administration," he said.

In an exclusive interview with CBS This Morning co-host Charlie Rose, Assad claimed rebels used the sarin gas and his own troops were among the victims. The dictator warned there will be retaliation if the U.S. attacks his nation.

"You should expect everything, not necessarily from the government. The government is not the only player in this region."

Secretary of State John Kerry says it defies logic to accuse the rebels.

"They just try to blame it on people who have no scientific capacity to do this and where there is no evidence they have any of the weaponry to be able to do it. "

Lawmakers are returning to Capitol Hill Monday where a blitz of top Obama administration officials will be back trying to secure support for U.S. military intervention.

CBS News estimates at least 49 Senators are still undecided about whether they'll authorize a strike. President Obama is expected to personally call lawmakers and make a trip to Capitol Hill ahead of a key vote Wednesday. The President is also granting a series of television interviews today.. before addressing the nation Tuesday night.

Polls show most Americans are opposed to a military strike in Syria.

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