President Considering VP Biden's Gun Recommendations

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President Obama is looking at the recommendations from his Vice President’s task force on gun violence. The President is expected to announce steps to curb gun violence before the week is up. For some of those measures he’ll need lawmakers help, but he’s also weighing what he can do without Congress.

Air Force Veteran Mike Emerson uses his trips to this Northern Virginia gun range to unwind.

“All I do is punch holes in pieces of paper with them,” Emerson said.

Besides a handgun, Emerson also fires a semi-automatic assault weapon at the range. He says reinstating the assault weapons ban won't stop criminals from getting the gun - it will only keep it from people who obey the law.

“Innocent people, and people who are responsible, like me, will not be able to do what we like to do, and what we do safely.”

President Obama is going over recommendations to curb gun violence with the Vice President today. As early as Wednesday he could announce his proposals but some are already meeting resistance on Capitol Hill.

Republicans led a reading of the Constitution on the House floor today. Pro-gun lawmakers say an assault weapons ban will not pass Congress.

President Obama says he will act on some ideas with or with out Congress.

“I’m confident there are some steps we can take, that don’t require legislation, and that are within my authority as president.”

He's considering 19 different steps from beefing up Federal Data collection on criminals with guns to tougher penalties for gun trafficking.

Many gun owners, like Mike Emerson, say they would support universal background checks.

“People who shouldn’t be shooting guns, shouldn’t have access to them should not be allowed to buy them," Emerson said.

Currently weapons and ammo sold at gun shows and on the internet can be purchased without a background check.

Instituting universal background checks would need approval from Congress, and it’s something the NRA opposes.

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