Prescription Drug Take Back on Saturday

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The Dothan Police Department is hosting their “Drug Take Back Day” on Saturday.

The take back is extra helpful if you have teenagers in your family.

"Our young adults tend to want to experiment sometimes and when they do the first thing they'll look for is what's in your medicine cabinet," Sergeant Maurice Eggleston said.

Sherryl Walker, with the Southeast Alabama Child Advocacy Center says talking to your kids is key.

"They know, say no to drugs and they're thinking that’s street drugs like cocaine, heroin whatever - they've got that message. But they don't really understand that a prescription drug that has been prescribed to their friend or a parent, is not for them it's for a specific thing," Walker said.

Many people don't think to lock up their medicine cabinets or know how to dispose of old prescription drugs properly.

"If we don't leave it there, we don't entice them to want to check it out. We don't give them the idea of saying hey, let me see what's in here and give it to my friends, because sometimes those medications can be just as bad as narcotics," Eggleston said.

"These prescription drugs have a specific problem and if they take them they are at risk to be a drug addict, just like someone who would be on the street who would be a drug addict," Walker said.

The Dothan Police Department sends all the prescriptions they collect to the D.E.A for proper disposal.

The department wants to remind everyone that flushing old prescriptions down the toilet or throwing them in the trash are bad for the environment.