Preparing for the US-China Manufacturing Symposium

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All eyes remain on Congress for the second week, and now it is causing problems across the globe. CEO of Sozo Group, Raymond Cheng, visited Dothan Tuesday to work out details concerning the upcoming US-China Manufacturing Symposium. He said the government shutdown is making visa applications difficult.

“Our concern is getting them processed and with the government shutdown right now, it's quite an issue for us,” said Cheng.

However, that is not slowing things down. More than 260 companies are expected to be at the Symposium, and Cheng said Chinese Government Officials are on board.

“We have the momentum, we have the support from, actually, more than one large chamber now from all the way from Beijing Government,” he said.

On October 12th, Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz will travel to China, and continue his quest for investments. He will meet with different companies ranging from electronic manufacturers, to clothing manufactures. Cheng said the Wiregrass is already ahead of the game.

“As long as the investor, whether they're from China or the United States, has visibility and understands that this is a very welcoming and a very able community, they'll give this community a shot,” explained Cheng.

It’s a shot at bringing in new business.

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