Preliminary Hearing for James Holmes

James Holmes sat attentively, listening to testimony at his pretrial hearing. The 25-year-old suspect now has dark hair and a full beard. He wore an orange prison jumpsuit and had his hands shackled in front of him. Holmes is accused of opening fire at a midnight showing of the latest Batman movie, killing 12 and injuring dozens more.

A large crowd - including survivors, and family members of those who were shot in the theater, arrived at the courthouse under tight security. The week-long hearing will determine if there is enough evidence to bring Holmes to trial.

Police officers who arrested Holmes said today that he was wearing body armor, and admitted that his apartment was rigged with bombs. They also testified that he was unusually relaxed at times, but that he also acted fidgety.

This courthouse is packed with spectators. Two overflow courtrooms were needed to hold all of the shooting survivors, and family members. A separate courtroom was set aside for members of the press and public.

“I was crying like everyone else. I couldn't keep, I couldn't keep. I'm going to cry now,” expressed Sam Soudani, a father of a survivor.

Soudani came to the courthouse today to support his daughter who was injured in the attack. He described Holmes' demeanor in court as emotionless and robotic.

Soudani explained,” Part of me wants to rip his head off, part of me could care less about him.”

Holmes' attorneys plan to challenge the evidence, and call witnesses to talk about his mental-state. The hearing could set the stage for an insanity defense, or possibly a plea agreement.

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