Powerball Jackpot Draws Big Crowds

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"I hope that I will have that winning ticket when it's all over with," says Bernice Rivers.

A hope that many share. As the Powerball Jackpot swells to a record $550M the young, the old and everyone in between have flooded to local gas stations, convenience shops and liquor stores to try their luck.

While this is good for store owners. "If someone like wins ticket from here...I'd really like it," says Panhandle Package Store associate Aanchal Arora.

It's not so good for those who want to get in on the action.

"Nice drive down...beautiful..but we were shocked when we got here...with the line out the door," says Dothan resident Ann Bott.

For some the lines have become a part of the play, but for first timers like Mark Johnson and his wife of Dothan the experience has been different but he says the opportunity is too good to pass up.

"Because it's half a billion dollars. I think it's the largest one yet..so..when I heard billion I thought well ok..I think I'll do it. I'm gonna go for it," explains Johnson.

And no matter what motivates them.

"Open up a fund.."
"We're definitely gonna open up a non-profit though for abused children and women."
"I would bless the church and bless the needy and the poor and whoever is in need for money."

Or what attracts them. "And we're buying an airplane."

The lines are just a part of the action.

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