Potential Dale Co. Inmate Work Program

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Dale County inmates may have the opportunity to get out of jail. It would be a temporary outing to do work for the county.

County commissioners are considering a labor program, like pickup up trash under supervision.

Right now there is no such program. But inmates are occasionally used for small tasks. The program would pay $25/day for work. That money would go towards the inmate’s court costs and fines.

This is so the inmate owes the county less money when getting out of jail.

There are still a few details to work out before the resolution is approved by the commission.

Dale Co. Commission Chairman Mark Blankenship said, “What we are wanting to do to is give them the opportunity to get out of jail and give back to the community and help us as well…The only reason it has not been approved is we are still looking at some liability issues. We are making sure we have some insurance that covers us.”

Once they figure out those details Blankenship says they will put it on the agenda and hopefully pass the resolution at their next meeting.

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