Porktoberque back with a vengeance

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This weekend the Houston County Farm Center will be taken over by polka music and the smell of barbeque smoking on the grill. There are 30 teams putting their best on the plate, for the gold and the green.
Jerry Bentley from Orangeburg Florida says, the secret recipe will snag him first place.

"Because it is it really is, special herbs and spices the Greece’s and oils adding and all that into one it orders for a better meat,” said Bentley.

After trying the pulled pork and brisket, you can wash it down with a cold brew from the beer garden. For the very first time a beer brewed in the wiregrass will be on tap.

"It’s time for Dothan that we can all enjoy you can get a fresh beer that you've never had before and most likely it will never be the same taste exactly twice," said Jeremy Pate.

“It’s a lot of family fun its affordable family fun there will be beer but it's a family event," said Kerrey Farrell.
This is the second Porktoberque in the wiregrass.

visit www.porktoberque.com for more info.

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