Teens and Snorting Spices

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It can lead to respiratory cardiac and nerve damage and its an increasingly popular dare among teenagers.

It all starts with something you already have in your home-a little ingredient called cinnamon.

Thanks to social media sites like Vine, Youtube, and Instagram, cinnamon challenges are becoming the latest trend in risky behavior.

High schooler Melissa Smith agrees.

"They see it on tv--or they see it on the internet--and they think it's cool--so they just do it."

In 2011, the American Association of Poison Control Centers reported more than one hundred cases of intentional cinnamon misuse.

Thirty of those patients needed immediate medical attention.

High schooler Lorenzo Robinson says he's witnessed it first-hand.

"They like spit it out--and a cinnamon comes out their mouth--basically coughing a lot and throwing up."

Health experts are now worried younger children will try to copy this trend, that's why this teen has some advice.

"Don't fall into peer pressure because everyone's going to remember you're that person that did a dumb thing."

Another trend is to snort cinnamon or nutmeg. Both can lead to nose bleeds, headaches or serious respiratory issues.

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