Police Investigate Murder in Barbour County

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(Eufaula, AL)---
According to Police, Barbour County is a peaceful community, but this past Saturday marked the second murder in the area this year.

"Saturday the eight around 4 p.m. reported to our department that there was a person that had evidently been shot," Barbour Co. Sheriff's Deputy Blair Sistrunk said.

The man was 45 -year-old Marvin Kurt Nation. Someone found the Daleville native shot to death on the side of Peaceful Valley Church Road in lake Eufaula.

Police don't have a suspect yet and that's why they've asked the public for help.

"Just call in and let us know any tips, anything however slight can definitely be used," Deputy Sistrunk said.

Deputy Sistrunk said murders in Barbour County are rare. The last murder case reported in the area was six years ago.

"It's very shocking and it's really kind of a reality check," Sistrunk said. "Things go so well for so long that when something like this happens, it really makes realize it can happen just about anywhere," he said.

Deputy Sistrunk said investigators have good evidence in this case.

"We're feeling very confident and we're following several very good leads," Sistrunk said.

Sistrunk believes tips from the public will help solve the case and is confident in his department.

"We've got really good people on the job the Alabama Bureau of Investigations they're, they've got great resources," Sistrunk said. " The sheriff's department has a good team and we're on it."

Not much is known about the victim. Police are looking into Nation's background. He had a criminal past, including theft charges in Dothan.

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