Police Made Several Arrests Of Possible Mafia Members

Police say they've broken up a major organized crime operation in Italy and the US.

Agents conducted a series of overnight raids, resulting in dozens of arrests.

Police say members of the Ndrangheta and Gambino crime families were involved in the international drug and weapons smuggling operation.

The operation was code-named new bridge, referring to the bridge of cooperation between Italian and American authorities.

Prosecutors say the investigation reveals ties to Mexican drug cartels.

Agents also seized hundreds of thousands of dollars, heroin and marijuana during the investigation.
The 'Ndrangheta aimed to move deadly narcotics across international boundaries, and attempted to build a bridge of criminality and corruption to stretch from South America to Italy and back to New York.

The 7-suspects are being arraigned at the federal courthouse in Brooklyn today.

They're charged with drug trafficking, money laundering, and firearms offenses.

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