Plan 2020: New Measurement for School Achievement

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The Department of Education had approved the No Child Left Behind waiver for Alabama.
The state will now use Plan 2020 as its method to measure public schools' achievement.

Alabama is one of 37 other states that is no longer using No Child Left Behind.

"One of the most negative aspects of it was you had to reach 100% of your goals it was either a pass or fail situation and there were often times where Houston County schools traditional did very well with No Child Left Behind and meeting AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) but you can meet 95% of your goals and still fail," said Tim Pitchford, Houston County Schools superintendent.

Plan 2020 is based on improvement rather than meeting certain requirements.

"It seems like it would be a better model because it based on improvement so every students scores will count for the school, in the past every student was important but its based on improvement so we hope that we can meet their need better," said David Lee, Dale County Schools central office supervisor.

State officials hope this method will help their students end up at a two or four year college.

"What he (Dr. Tommy Bice) is trying to do with Plan 2020 and make it more that our students are college and career ready, the actual vision is 'Every child a graduate and every graduate prepared' that is kind of the basic framework of Plan 2020," said Lee.

And local school superintendents are looking forward to Plan 2020.

"We feel like we will perform and have very little problem with Plan 2020 regardless of the criteria we will succeed," said Pitchford.

A plan that will help student in the Wiregrass stay on track.

School officials say they hope the new model will allow teachers to enjoy teaching more.

Taking the pressure off them not to feel as if they have to teach in order to make sure students pass a standardized test.

With Plan 2020 in place local school officials hope to have a 90% graduation rate.

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