Pit Bull Terrier Dog Show in Wausau

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Over 40 competitors brought almost 200 dogs from as far as 1,000 miles away to Wausau, Florida on Saturday and Sunday for the Sunshine State American Pit Bull Terrier Association Dog Show and Competition.

Bright blue skies highlighted an assembly of contestants from as far away as Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey for this highly competitive dog show, organized by local pit bull terrier aficionado Sheree Folmar of Wausau.

‘These dogs are truly family members for these people’. says Folmar. ‘Just as any family pet, these dogs are treated well but are also expected to perform’.

And perform they did, as they showed their conformation to a national judge, vying for coveted titles and trophies. But the excitement really started with the weight pulling competition.

In this event dogs pulled weights on a wheeled sled weighing many times time their own body weight, again competing for bragging rights and trophies.

Remarkably, despite the high level of competition, the camaraderie among the contestants was palpable. ‘We get to see all our friends at this event’, said Sarah Carson from Port Jeffers, New York. ‘We look forward to these events to get together, compete and enjoy the friendships that we already have and to forge new ones’.

First-time visitor to Wausau Joe O'Leary from Washington, New Jersey as impressed by the hospitality of the area. 'This is a wonderful, warm place, in more ways than one', stated O'Leary. The hospitality has been just great and this is the first time we have had the opportunity to be out in the sun for many months'.

More information about the Sunshine State American Pit Bull Terrier Association Dog Show and Competition can be found on their website www.SunshineStateAPBTA.org and you can view a photo gallery from the event, along with video clips and interviews, at www.RealFloridaMagazine.org.