Pinckard to Get Satellite Tag Renewal Office

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Dale County residents could soon say goodbye to the days of having to wait hours in the tag renewal line.

The commission approved the locations for two satellite offices. One will be open at Daleville City hall on Thursday and Friday, between 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. The other will be in Pinckard. It will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The commission was deciding between Midland City and Pinckard. According to Commission Chairman Mark Blankenship, they chose the Pinckard City Hall because it was in the most centralized location for that part of the county, registering more than 7,600 tags yearly. Also, this location has easier access in and out of the building.

You can only renew your tags at the satellite offices. Getting new titles and plates will still have to be done at the Dale County court house.

The offices should be up and running in the coming weeks.